The Top 100 UK Dives

The Top 100 UK Dives

WE’RE lucky in the UK that we’re never more than a couple of hours’ drive away from an excellent dive site. But while many people travel abroad to warmer waters like the Red Sea to enjoy their first experience of the underwater world, more often than not they ignore the excellent dive sites on their doorstep at home in the UK.

A new diving guide book aims to change all that, revealing 100 of the top dives in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. UK Dive Guide has been researched and written by experienced dive instructor and author Patrick Shier and published by AquaPress. As a keen UK diver Patrick is determined to show the brighter side of life round our coastline.

The best thing about this book is that every dive featured is shallow, up to a maximum of 18m, which means everyone from the newly-qualified diver to the hardened regular can enjoy the sites.

Patrick said,

“It’s open to everybody. Technical divers might come down to the south coast and do a deep dive in the Channel and then head for a nice shallow dive and jump in and enjoy it. Also total beginners can enjoy themselves, or those who dive as a family.

“I hope people see UK diving in a more interesting light by taking up shallow diving and just going and having a look just to say they have done it. If you get in and have a go it’s often not as bad as people think. The UK has as much marine life as Egypt, it’s just not as colourful.”

UK Dive Guide features detailed guides to some of the best-known sites in the UK, from Scapa Flow and St Abbs, to Portland Harbour and Swanage Pier, plus some lesser-known gems. With the start of the dive season in April approaching, there’s never been a better time to see what’s on offer round our wonderful coastline.

UK Dive Guide is available from all good bookshops from 1 March 2011 priced £19.99.


ISBN 9781905492145