Volvo FH truck tows a paraglider pilot up a mountain road

Volvo FH truck tows a paraglider pilot up a mountain road


The engine from the Volvo FH truck has a new I-Shift Dual Clutch

Car and truck manufacturers often look for ways to showcase new technology and this latest video from Volvo will appeal to the adventurers among us.

It’s called ‘The Flying Passenger’ and the aim was to highlight the constant speed and smooth gear changes that the Volvo FH truck is capable of so that the paraglider pilot being towed behind can stay in the air.

Staffan Wendeberg, Product Manager FH and Long Haul at Volvo Trucks explains: “Driving on high gears and securing seamless gear shifting is an important factor for fuel efficiency. The Volvo FH’s I-Shift Dual Clutch enables smooth driving whilst staying in high gears and low revs.”


Louise Marriot drove the truck

The drive took place in a mountain pass in Croatia and at one point even passed under the narrow opening of an overhanging bridge. The truck was driven by Louise Marriot while the paraglider pilot was Guillaume Galvani.

Volvo says the I-Shift Dual Clutch provides power shift gear changes to ensure the engine does not lose any torque when changing gears.

Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks says: “Meeting deadlines and keeping fuel consumption low, even when driving uphill and on winding roads, are key elements to success for many of our customers.  This test is the perfect way to challenge our recently updated powertrain. ‘The Flying Passenger’ illustrates in a very concrete and visual way what Volvo Trucks’ performance and driveability is all about.”


The paraglider pilot was Guillaume Galvani

‘The Flying Passenger’ is the latest instalment in Volvo Trucks’ Live Test series. Previous videos include ‘The Epic Split’, ‘The Hamster Stunt’ and ‘Look Who’s Driving’.

The challenge was shot in the Dinaric Alps in Croatia on closed-off roads and under strict safety supervision.