Join in Wrangler’s #BornReadyAdventures campaign

Join in Wrangler’s #BornReadyAdventures campaign

WRANGLER has launched a range of performance denim called ‘Ready’ that includes water resistant and hi-tech thermal denim.

While most of us in the outdoors know that wearing denim for hillwaking is a big no-no, this new performance ‘READY’ collection of clothing might just be the ticket for wearing on more casual adventures – the kind we might do an hour away from our house on a weekend.

Wranglers BornReadyAdventuresTo illustrate the point, Wrangler has teamed up with British adventurer Alastair Humphreys (pictured right), who has not only been wearing the Ready clothing on his own excursions, but he has also created interactive online maps to show adventures we can go on within an hour of the city limits of London, Manchester and Edinburgh (as well as some cities in Germany and Poland).

The idea is we can try these adventures or we can upload our own with a chance to win prizes.

Wrangler’s strapline is ‘Born Ready’ so the name of the campaign has been called ‘Born Ready Adventures’. Simply use the hashtag of #BornReadyAdventures to join in.

We can choose from almost 100 adventures close to the city, all created by Alastair. These include challenging hill cycles, forest walks and alfresco swims. Users simply click on the icons that correspond to the type of adventure they want, to be matched with their ideal exploration.  Once the adventure has been chosen, the map offers top tips from Alastair on what to bring and what kit to wear.You can check the maps out at