Nobis AW13 adventure fashion

Nobis AW13 adventure fashion

THOSE who have ever been to Canada will know just how frigidly cold it turns in the autumn and winter.

Which is why the Canadian brand has become famous for its jackets which are insulated with white duck down and have hoods lined with Coyote fur.

Brands making these parka jackets are tena-penny these days but Nobis’ unique philosophy is to always set themselves apart from the ever-growing fast-fashion market and this strong Nobis AW13 collection definitely puts them well ahead of the pack. Prices start at £378 making these jackets a real investment that will stand the test of time – and ony get better with age.

For AW13 then, the jackets have the same Canadian heritage they’ve always had, but the company has expanded the colour palette from its staple shades of grey, black and stone to include yellow, red, olive and tan.

Its classic jackets like the Barry, Cartel and Shelby are on sale again but new for AW13 is the Rosco, the Higgins and the Kato pictured below (from left to right).

Nobis AW13 Adventure 52

Our favourite jacket for men this season is the AK jacket which comes in the colours below. It’s windproof and waterproof, lined with Sympatex and you can roll it up in on itself and pack it away. Ideal for when you seek refuge in a warm café in London or a rustic retreat in the outdoors. Best of all you can mould the hood to the shape that you want.

Nobis AW13 adventure 52


Nobis believe that it’s the little things that count and in this new collection you’ll see acute attention to detail, hand-knitted sections and trims made of high end fabrics – all working together to make the kind of jackets that us here at Adventure 52 would love to wear, like this one below called the Yatesy (£999).


If one of these jackets is out of your price range then why not treat yourself to the ever popular Morris beanie? (worn by the model below). It was a bestseller last year and is on sale again this season. Nobis is also planning to release some other new headwear designs in brighter colours if the Morris is too rugged for you.


Buy from Harrods, House of Fraser and Surfdome.