The Tent With No Poles Has Inflatable ‘AirBeams’ Instead

The Tent With No Poles Has Inflatable ‘AirBeams’ Instead

WHENEVER I’ve been in a walking group on a camping trip and we’ve shared out the different parts of the tent to carry I’ve always fought for the poles. My reasoning? Well, compared to the flysheet or the inner tent, the poles took up a lot less room and they could go on the outside of my rucsac without me worrying about them getting wet. But now with Vango’s announcement of a poleless tent we may start hearing arguments about who’s gonna carry the airpump instead.

The concept is simple, instead of putting poles through sleeves in the tent you pump up individual ‘AirBeams’ instead. The tents have been tested in 75mph winds and Vango says it has been working on the concept for over 15 years. The tents go on sale in May but for now here’s a little video showing the AirBeams in action.

There are two ranges to choose from – the Vango AirBeam™ Velocity and the Vango AirBeam™ Infinity.

The Velocity tents are perfect for a short break and available in 2 person (£235), 3 person (£325) and 4 person (£415).

The Infinity tents are perfect for families and available in 4 person (£490), 6 person (£650) and 8 person (£760).