AKU celebrates 30 years of its Conero boot in production

The Sky Yellow model has a 'world-first' coloured Vibram sole

AKU celebrates 30 years of its Conero boot in production

I‘ve written a few times about AKU, including the interesting story behind the Italian brand’s name.

It’s actually pretty remarkable just how many shoes and boots AKU make. Each season the brand adds a new model or design.

For 2023, the big news is the 30-year-anniversary of its Conero boot and AKU has made a three special editions, with one of them featuring a world-first of a coloured Vibram sole.

aku conero boot

A world-first coloured Vibram sole

The Brown/Beige model nods to the original Conero, then there’s the Blue Sky one with bright orange colour pops then the stand-out Sun Yellow colourway which features Vibram’s first ever yellow block-coloured sole.

The Blue Sky model has been developed in line with AKU’s ReAct Responsibly credentials featuring an upper made from 56% recycled microfibre and a Gore-Tex lining laminated with 99% recycled yarns.

aku conero boot

L to R: Blue Sky, Brown Beige, Sun Yellow

Vibram’s Foura outsole was first fitted to the AKU Conero three decades ago and the Sun Yellow model honours the ongoing relationship between these two brands that share similar values and innovative approaches. 

All three models are being sold exclusively through the new aku.co.uk website.

Each limited edition boot carries a 30th stamp near the heel and are individually numbered internally. Customised packaging has been created for this collection that includes a handy shoe bag with a retro design.  

Look at the heel and you can see an embossed number 30 in the suede

AKU takes seriously its responsibility to retailers and consumers (and has done for over a decade) and is transparent about the production methods and origin of its products.  The brand’s commitment goes beyond the fact that they produce highly functional footwear with a focus on the constant search for innovative design solutions with low environmental impact, reusing resources and abiding to the principles of the circular economy. 

No doubt we may well see other coloured soles appear in time depending on the reaction to this.

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