‘Big Nugget’ concept campervan from Ford

Ford is considering making a Transit van based camper van

‘Big Nugget’ concept campervan from Ford

As camper van fans around Europe get to know Ford’s adventurous new Transit Custom Nugget, Ford has revealed a vision for a larger member of the Nugget family – the even more versatile, spacious and practical Big Nugget concept.

Revealed at the 2019 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Germany, and created in partnership with the camper specialist Westfalia, the 6-metre-long Big Nugget is based on Ford’s long-wheelbase, high-roof Transit van and offers 13 cubic metres of interior space with more than 2 metres of indoor standing height.

The Big Nugget concept takes full advantage of the extra space, creating four clearly defined, functional areas. At the front, the driver and front passenger seats can be rotated to provide a spacious and comfortable living space and dining area. 

In the middle of the vehicle is a separate bathroom area, featuring a fully integrated toilet, washbasin and shower; plus a practical kitchenette with two-burner gas stove, large basin and a 70-litre refrigerator. At the rear, the bedroom area features a 2-metre long bed arranged across the vehicle designed to sleep two adults.

The Big Nugget concept explores possible features for a Transit-based camper van being considered by Ford for future introduction in European markets, to be offered alongside the Transit Custom Nugget camper that we drove a few months ago. You can read about that here.

Ford is currently rolling out the Nugget in a range of markets including Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and the U.K., having previously only marketed the model in Germany.