Make a ‘Go Back Pack’ video clip wearing Jack Wolfskin kit

Here’s a fun thing to take part in with Jack Wolfskin this summer. 

When you buy an item of their kit you will be given a flag that says ‘Go Back Pack’ on it. Jack Wolfskin then wants you to make a 30 second video of you and the flag on an adventure – and when we say an adventure, we mean an something substantial and relating to backpacking.

In return if they use your video they will give you £150 back towards the cost of the Jack Wolfskin kit you bought.

Jack Wolfskin is only doing this for 500 people, so you’ll need to be quick. And the kit you wear and film must be purchased before 31 July 2017.

Here’s a video they’ve put together to give you some advice on how to make a 30 second video. And if you head over to Jack Wolfskin’s You Tube channel you’ll also see a whole stream of new videos with the hashtag #gobackpack that will give you some inspiration.

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