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New Kit: Griffin’s new Survivor Power Bank

Gives three full recharges for an iPhone 6s Plus

HERE’S a new power bank from Griffin called the Survivor.

survivor_power_bank_blackBased on the spec, it certainly sounds like the Survivor will keep the batteries on our phone or tablet going a fair while longer.

The idea is simple –  Griffin has come up with a charging block that is rugged enough to go on adventures and charge up our phone or tablet in the outdoors without us fearing that things will go wrong or it’ll become damaged.

It can survive a drop from 6.6 foot height and can resist water damage and dust particles.

survivor-power-bank-battery-black-falling-gc42142_1It can give an iPhone 6S Plus three full recharges or one full charge for an iPad Air. It can even charge an iPad Pro up to 95%.

An LED light serves as a ‘fuel gauge’ showing us how much energy is left in it.

And a self-sealing flap keeps the battery’s charge/power ports clean and dry at all times.

It recharges via a micro-USB cable to the mains or from a solar panel.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee and costs just £50 from here.

About the author: Dan Tye

Dan came up with the idea for Adventure 52 after meeting so many like-minded people who love all kinds of adventure activities. He started out as pilot in the RAF, has worked as a ski instructor and has spent the past 12 years as an editor and journalist for motorcycling, aviation and adventure magazines.

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