Fastpack Micro Crew socks from Darn Tough

'Lightweight with cushion' socks that will be ideal for summer hiking

Fastpack Micro Crew socks from Darn Tough

These stripey Fastpack Micro Crew socks from Darn Tough are going to be just the job for a summer of sweaty Munro bagging. 

I’ve worn Darn Tough’s heavyweight and midweight socks for a few years now, and can’t speak highly enough about them.

Back in April 2021, I received a pair of Micro Crew socks that were classed as lightweight with cushion and since then I’ve worn them a lot with hiking shoes and occasionally with my hiking boots.

Over those two years, Darn Tough has developed them further and has now brought out these Fastpack versions in three different stripey colours. Fastpacking is a style of hiking that’s been around for a while, but seems to be gaining popularity and trending in posts on social media.

As Darn Tough’s Owen Rachampbell recently said, “Once you wear one pair, you gonna wanna wear more.” He’s right; as I now have nine pairs of Darn Tough socks, each great for various activities or different seasons.

darn tough fastpack socks

A natural fibre cleverly stitched together using state-of-the-art techniques in Vermont, USA

In these new Fastpack Micro Crew socks, Darn Tough’s aim has been to create a sock with excellent breathability, fatigue-relieving arch support, extended Achilles cushioning and a sleek mesh-woven upper. Yes, you read that right, somehow they’ve managed to weave/knit Merino wool into a clever mesh (pictured below).

darn tough fastpack socks

A reinforced toe area plus clever merino wool mesh on the top of the foot – so bloomin’ comfy

Available now for £26.95 and well worth the price with their lifetime guarantee (i.e. you get a hole in them, just send them back and get a new pair).

The Fastpack socks come in three different stripey colour schemes, the Charcoal you see here, along with Cascade (turquoise and yellow) and Blackberry (purple).

Mens Fastpack Micro Crew socks in Charcoal, Cascade, Blackberry

darn tough fastpack socks

Darn Tough lists the shape and thickness of its various sock styles on the packaging.

Available in the UK through our recommended retailer Trekitt.