Video: ‘Outdoors are for Everyone’ says Polartec

Polartec brings together 13 filmmakers for this feel-good video

Video: ‘Outdoors are for Everyone’ says Polartec

It’s winter and we all need some feel-good factor and there’s plenty of that in this Polartec campaign video called ‘Outdoors are for Everyone’.

The brand asked 13 different filmmakers living in six different territories (United States, Japan, France, India, Canada, and Navajo Nation) to tell the story of their outdoor life, their adventures and what they love about being outside. Each filmmaker had their own assignment, outdoor activity, time of day and set of lyrics to craft their piece of the story. 

As Polartec says: “This global project is a series of soulful portraits that show joy, comfort, and natural connections.”

‘Outdoors are for Everyone’ follows on from the Polartec Family Album campaign last year that you can read about here

The video is hosted on a dedicated website along with bios and a Q&A for each of the filmmakers, who are: Abby Cooper, Dominique Granger, Evan Green, Gritchelle Fallesgon, Jason Edelstein, Jr. Rodriguez, Kopal Goyal, Renee Hutchens, Taylor Johnson, Textured Waves (Danielle Black Lyons, Chelsea Woody, Martina Duran), and Tom Carey.

Watch the film here at

If you want to join the conversation, then Polartec asks the question ‘How do you get outside?’. Tag your photo with @polartecfamily and use the hashtag #everyoneoutdoors.