Jack Wolfskin High Voltage jacket review

The stitching and build quality is excellent

Jack Wolfskin High Voltage jacket review

It’s the start of another lunchtime run on Wimbledon Common and the start of my new love affair with a brand I’ve not worn before.

You’re likely to see this, the High Voltage jacket, on sale in places like Cotswold Outdoor and Jack Wolfskin’s very own stores which are opening up across the country.

You’re also likely to hear a lot of people ranting about the High Voltage jacket too – that’s because it’s absolutely superb.

It’s made of Texapore fabric. It’s waterproof like Goretex, but Texapore feels much softer on the skin.

I’m usually a size M in most clothes, but the fit of this M is the best fit I’ve ever had in an outdoor jacket. I’ve worn quite a few different makes in my time and this is my first experience of Jack Wolfskin. I’ll say now that it won’t be my last.

The Texapore is extremely waterproof. The stitching and build quality is excellent, something that makes the £280 pricetag more bearable.

I love the way it zips up so that you can nestle your chin and mouth behind the fabric, but even better is that the neck area is lined with fleece and when you have the hood up and your head suckered down, it makes you feel warm and protected.

I’ve hiked in it. I’ve cycled in it. I even ran 19 miles in it (and didn’t sweat because it breathes so well). But more than that I’ve worn it as a daily jacket, even to wander around the shops in Wimbledon.

Red’s not usually my colour, but the ‘Red Fire’ has grown on me. It comes in black and in blue too.


“Some of Jack Wolskin’s outdoor kit this year have electricity-based names. While this jacket might be High Voltage by name, the only shock you’ll get will be at just how amazingly brilliant this jacket is for all kinds of outdoor activities.”