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Haglofs AW14 Vojd jacket ladies - Adventure 52 magazine

Haglofs AW14 adventure fashion

The Vojd jacket and pants are the highlight in Haglof’s new skiwear for the coming 2014/15 season.

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New Dunlop sunglasses - Adventure 52 magazine

Dunlop sunglasses

From tyres to sunnies

Thunder Vodka - adventure 52 magazine

Will Thunder Vodka be the drink of the ski season?

KICKING off your apres ski with a Jagerbomb has become the norm over the past few ski seasons. But there’s a new vodka shot in town – and it tastes so good that maybe, just maybe, your mates might take […]

sony action cam review - Adventure 52 magazine

James Webb and Julian Ball on the Sony Action Cam

Two of the UK’s top snowboarding pros are using it

Mission Antarctic presented by Relentless Energy 2 - Adventure 52 magazine

Mission Antarctic snowboard documentary presented by Relentless Energy Drink

RELENTLESS Energy Drink sponsored the UK premiere of Mission Antarctic last week. And boy did they do it in style. As well as laying on their normal hospitality, they also brought in a string quartet to play the soundtrack LIVE […]

Aldi ski gear - Adventure 52 maagzine

ALDI ski gear on sale from 5th December

Kit yourself out for under £100

2014 ski festivals - Adventure 52 magazine

Guide to 2014 ski festivals

SOME of the world’s best music festivals now take place at ski resorts during the winter. And to prove it the ski holidays expert, Crystal , has put together a list of the top five winter music and ski festivals […]

Willis Resilience Expedition Parker at Tower Bridge

The Willis Resilience Expedition

HAVE you noticed that our weather seems to have become whackier? Parker Liautaud has noticed it too which is why he’s planning the Willis Resilience Expedition to put himself in Antarctica this December to do experiments which he hopes will […]

wilder 2 - adventure 52 magazine

Roxy WILDER trailer

HERE’S the Roxy WILDER trailer. It’s an urban snowboard film, say Roxy, and that means there’s no mountain runs, instead it focuses on the fun you can have snowboarding in ski towns. The film stars Roxy team riders, Corinne Pasela and Erin […]

Aether combines skiing and motorcycling in its video called Chasing Winter

AETHER certainly gets the adventure lifestyle concept. In this video, called Chasing Winter, the guys combine motorcycling and skiing and go on a trip where they carry their ski and snowboard boots in their top boxes and strap their skis […]

Heli skiing in Greenland

The coastal mountains in Greenland are amazing to ski but they are best-reached by helicopter. Heli skiing in Greenland is gaining huge favour with skiers and snowboarders all over the world. The country pretty much has every adventure activity you […]

Learn how to snowkite

Courses taking place in Finland

iPrints stickers let us operate touch screens while wearing ski gloves

IT’D be nice to think we could leave our mobile phone in the ski chalet on holiday. But even if we’re not using the huge number of ski apps or taking photos, it’s actually quite sensible to carry one with […]

Kopaonik – The Resort Hosting Next Year’s Big Snow Festival

WE’RE struggling to pronounce the name of it too, but Kopaonik in Serbia has been chosen to host next year’s Big Snow Festival. Kopaonik (ko pow nik?) is blessed by great snow conditions all season long and has gentle greens to […]

Zumba On Snow

THOSE familiar with Zumba will also be familiar with the sweaty mess at the end of a session. But the Zumbarers here are possibly thankful for the lower temperatures in the indoor ski centre, Chill Factore, in Manchester. The first […]

‘Braveheart’ Lift Open At The Nevis Range

IN 1996 the Nevis Range installed a chairlift called ‘Braveheart’ which lets us access the expansive Back Corrie area. This area usually misses out on the best snow but recent powder falling from south westerly storms has now filled in “o’er […]

Chalet Girl Now Showing In Cinemas

FANCY a bit of tongue-in-cheek British comedy blended with the snow? Check out the trailer below and read more about the film in this week’s issue of Adventure 52 here  

How’s About That Then Guys & Gals?

JIMMY Savile isn’t the kind of person we’d normally associate with the outdoors…but then that’s the whole point of this latest video; to show that the Outdoor Capital has something for everyone. Sporting a tartan tracksuit, Jimmy is still as […]

Ski Single Day And The Science Of Falling In Love

NEXT Monday, if you’re single, chances are that you’ll be sick of Valentines Day. You could always escape up to Scotland for some skiing though because the Nevis Range resort is running a Ski Single day for people who aren’t […]

Nissan Freeride Tour: St. Moritz

TOMORROW some of the best skiers and boarders will be tackling routes down the Corvatsch mountain in St Moritz in the Freeride World Tour. This is the second stage of the tour with four more left to go between now […]

Fresh Tracks

AHH, there’s nothing quite like making fresh tracks on the first lift up of the day. More often than not, lifts start running early to make sure they’re working ok and in some cases, allowing the ski instructors to have […]

Are You a Super Slider Rider?

“JUST slip them on your boots. It’s easy to be a Super Slider Rider,” says the voiceover in this retro commercial. Sales of plastic sledges in the UK may have hit an all time high last year with the snowfall […]

The Torchlight Dinner

LOTS of ski resorts hold a torchlight dinner but Lake Louise in Canada hosts one of the best. Held every Friday night, they are a great way to finish a week’s skiing holiday. Taking the last lift up the hill […]

40,000 have skied Scotland already

With all the chaos of taking a flight abroad for a ski holiday, it seems many of us have decided to avoid all that by staying local and skiing in Scotland instead. All five resorts are now open with reports […]

What? I can ski in Morocco?

There are donkeys which drag you up the ski slopes in the resort of Oukaimeden in the Atlas mountains. There are also chairlifts now, seven of them, as can be seen in the charming hand-drawn piste map above. One of these […]

Sign up for Snow Alerts

It dumped it down with snow in Scotland last year. And it’s looking every bit as likely that the conditions this year will have us loading up the car, booking an easyJet flight or taking the train north. I might […]

How to do a ski weekend in Switzerland

Extra flights from Stansted to Sion

La Nina: Why it brings more snow

La Nina has a history of creating the more crazier weather compared to its brother.

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